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Shuk – Tanya Vavilova

On Saturday, my sister and I woke early to go for a swim at North Bondi before tucking into a tasty breakfast at the new Israeli-inspired café, Shuk. The shelves were lined with plump jars of preserved lemons, pulses and grains, and the bakery boasted freshly-baked challah, bourekas, croissants and other sweet pastries. We ordered…

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Berta – Tanya Vavilova

It was my younger sister’s birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated at Berta, the enviable cousin of Vini and 121bc.  This Italian restaurant has a welcoming, no-fuss feel about it and the industrial décor is offset by a bright mural of bumblebees in the front window. We sipped Aperol Spritz and Bellini cocktails over presents…

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An Assortment of Books – Tanya Vavilova

Do you remember Cadbury’s box of Roses? They used to be the gift of choice for special occasions, for Mothers’ Day or adult birthdays, more expensive than Cadbury milk chocolate (but cheaper than Ferrero Rochers). I would marvel at these brightly wrapped wonders – the strawberry creams, the gooey caramels, the hazelnuts encased in chocolate…

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The Reluctant Traveller – Tanya Vavilova

There’s nothing more enviable than travel, is there? At 26, it seems that almost everyone around me has made the ‘big Europe trip’ or backpacked in South East Asia or the Americas, fossicked for stories and souvenirs. Some of my friends took a gap year after high school, others travelled in the summer break between…

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My Life in a Pea Soup – Tanya Vavilova

When you plan for a child, you roughly jot its course, but no-one can be prepared for the unique and turbulent future we had to negotiate. When life is so different from what you anticipated, it’s hard to know which road to follow. It’s even more bewildering when there isn’t anyone around to show you…

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