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Drinking Tea in Istanbul – Tanya Vavilova

I recently spent a happy week in Istanbul. I was staying in a family-run hostel in Beyoğlu close to the main pedestrian drag, Istiklal Street. I visited mosques, palaces and bazaars, the names of which will be familiar to anyone who has visited Istanbul. I rode a ferry along the Bosphorus and lolled on the…

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Musings in a Snow Lodge – Lex Hirst

There’s a freedom that comes from not doing the expected – staying up late on a Saturday night and not drinking, travelling to Argentina and not eating steak, going to a ski town and not visiting the snow. It’s an awkward type of freedom, because it comes from willfully ignoring the most obvious and often…

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A Postcard From: Stromboli – Hannah Parkes

It’s not everyday one wakes to the sound of a volcano erupting but not much about life on Stromboli mirrors ‘regular life’. The sand at the beach is black, for one. And the roads don’t have any cars. From Naples we took the overnight ferry to get here, bypassing the other, closer Aeolian islands because…

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On Returning Home – Tanya Vavilova

A month ago, I landed at Sydney Airport with my saggy backpack, a handful of souvenirs and second thoughts. A beaming customs official handed me a landing card and I was blown away by her thick Australian accent, unfamiliar and strange after three months abroad, my longest time away from home. I heard the same…

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A Case for Coffee Table Books – Hannah Parkes

  I’ve always been suspicious of people who own piles of coffee table books. A general distrust of any publishing industry dependent on churning out overpriced volumes to help people appear refined is entirely healthy in my book.  So it seems strange, as my boyfriend and I backpack our way down the west coast of Italy,…

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