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What Should We Read? American Classics – Lex Hirst

Wide-sweeping plains edged with jagged mountain ranges, dense and murky swampland with gators eyeing you from muddy banks, rolling college campuses hosting the debates of sparkling intelligensia, and the brusque muttered words of tough frontier folk. This is what comes to me when I think of classic American novels, along with the mournful cries of a…

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The Ordinary Protagonist – by Lex Hirst

So, time for another literary confession (or perhaps just a goo old whinge): I find books with ordinary protagonists painful. Which, the more I think about I, probably says more about me than the books. I don’t find books set in ordinary settings problematic – as a matter of fact, I really enjoy being immersed in…

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Why Budapest is Boss – Hannah Parkes

Random conversations can lead you to unexpected places. In my case, a brief chat I had one year ago with an acclaimed German violinist has lead me to Budapest. Funny how these things work out. This week marks eight weeks since I left Sydney and hit the road for a six month (ish) trip around…

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